Established in 1978, we are proud to be one of the oldest and well-established footwear company in Singapore and Malaysia today. With a multi-pronged business model based on licensing, franchising and distribution, we constantly innovate and evolve to ensure that our footwear designs are fashion-forward and their quality are maintained at the highest standards. Led by a second generation of leaders under the guidance of its founder, the Company aims to expand into the rest of Southeast Asia over the next few years.​




The leading footwear brand management company in South East Asia.


A company that sustains professional and long-term relationships with stakeholders, partners and customers through our innovative business strategies and experience.



Jesslee Shoes was founded in 1978 as a small Singapore start-up, manufacturing footwear in Singapore for export to Europe. Through innovative product development, strategic investments and strong business relationships with established footwear buyers, it rose to become one of the top footwear exporters in Singapore.​

As Singapore’s retail and tourism sectors boomed in the 1990s, Jesslee rode the waves and entered the footwear retail space in Singapore before expanding its operations to Malaysia and Indonesia. Apart from the footwear retail stores under the house brand Jess, it has established a strong presence in major departmental stores in the 3 countries and holds many leading anchor brands for the stores.

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