Jesslee’s most successful business model during its early stages as a footwear company was built on mutually beneficial partnerships. This allowed major brands to optimise joint supply chains in the mature footwear markets, and to spread business and credit risks in the more fragmented emerging footwear markets. With deep knowledge of the markets and a wealth of insights accumulated over 40 years, it can advise, develop and implement business strategies to reach the targeted end-users.​


A pioneer in the footwear licensing business, Jesslee was the first in Southeast Asia to license a renowned French footwear brand in the 1990s. It went on to partner with an array of the world’s leading brands, developing strategic and creative product development initiatives to cater to the ever-changing footwear market. These initiatives have resulted in numerous success stories for our umbrella of brands, generated high revenues and strong customer loyalty.​


Jesslee is passionate in bringing in new footwear brands to Southeast Asia through its franchising business model. With its vast experience in retail and boutique management, and strong relationships with major mall operators and distribution channels, Jesslee is well positioned to establish sustainable relationships with its franchisors.​


Jesslee Shoes was founded in 1978 as a small Singapore start-up, manufacturing footwear in Singapore for export to Europe. Through innovative product development, strategic investments and strong business relationships with established footwear buyers, it rose to become one of the top footwear exporters in Singapore.​


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